Welcome to Burden Bearers Orphans Care, Kyenjojo, Western Uganda.

We are God called organization established in 2003. That time Lord God spoke to me and my wife through Ps10,14 to take care for orphans. Since then we started our ministry among orphaned childredn from our community helping them with the little we had. After many years we received at our home 38 orphans.

Besides our organization tries to help other orphaned and vulnerable children from community. We have registered and helped other 216 chlildren. We try to supply them with at least basic scholastic materials (copybooks, pencils) which is necessary for them to go to school.

As the orphaned children get older we help them to fit into the society, that’s why we started vocational school for  big orphaned girls. There they are learnt tailoring, knitting, arts and crafts.

In 2010 we started nursery and primary school. Our vision is to see children from our children’s home and from our community to grow in the love for our Lord Jesus Christ and thus being good citizens of our country, Uganda.

Also we care for 64 widows from our community. We help them start a bussiness so they could take care for their children. In many cases they also care for some other orphaned children keeping them in their households.